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What is Magikarp Jump? 

Magikarp Jump is an incremental, or sit without moving, clicker amusement, not very dissimilar to for instance Cookie Clicker. Via preparing and bolstering your own Magikarp, you enhance its jumping capacity. You then enter your Magikarp into classes and attempt to have it jump higher than rival Magikarp. Each Magikarp can just jump so high, in any case, and soon enough you'll start the procedure again with other Magikarp. The more you win, the more grounded Magikarp you can get, and the more things and overhauls you can buy to help new Magikarp in your possible objective! 

Magikarp Jump is an allowed to-play amusement, with application buys conceivable to purchase in-diversion money, which thusly can be utilized to purchase things. Nonetheless, it is not important to spend any genuine money to play Magikarp Jump. The main favorable position is accelerating the development of your Magikarp. 

Your Magikarp 

To begin, you'll need to angle up your own particular Magikarp. Each one of them is one of a kind, as they have a wide exhibit of various examples, and additionally their very own lift. The last can be a higher coin pick up, or a quicker development when eating, or after an instructional meeting. Concerning the examples, Magikarp have Standard examples, and in addition Calico, Two-Tones, the prized Gold example, and a great deal more! Remember, be that as it may, examples are entirely visual, and may be completely unmistakable once the Magikarp has grown 2/3 to its maximum level! 

Moreover, your Magikarp can be Male or Female, and be given a moniker, which can be changed whenever. Each Magikarp has a most extreme level, dictated by your Trainer Rank at the time it was angled. When it gets to that level, it will fight until it loses (or wins a League). From that point onward, it will resign and give a changeless inactive lift to your future Magikarp. These latent lifts stack up (purportedly up to 600%), so make sure to give your Magikarp their well deserved rest! 

When angling up Magikarp you can burn through 10 Diamonds to strive for an alternate one. As Diamonds are uncommon however, in the event that you would prefer not to place cash into the amusement we suggest staying with your first catch. You can resign your Magikarp right on time rather, and preparing it the distance expands the uninvolved lift and concedes you more EXP. 

Jump Power 

Your Magikarp's capability in League Battles is controlled by its Jump Power or JP. The higher its JP, the higher it can jump! You can support your Jump Power by bolstering it Berries, preparing it, and experiencing Events. 

Magikarp of a similar level can have diverse Jump Power most extreme breaking points. Their greatest level is additionally 10 higher than your Trainer level, the last which must be expanded by doing fights or by resigning a Magikarp to its most extreme level. There are two occasions that raises the level of the Magikarp being prepared by one… However, one of those is a one-time-just occasion. 


Berries will be your principle wellspring of Jump Power. They show up as often as possible in your Magikarp's lake and can be devoured by tapping on them. When you initially start, just the Oran and Sitrus Berries will be opened, and you'll have to spend coins to open extra Berries and to build the amount JP they give. Expanding your Trainer Level enables you to open new Berries. 

As Berries are extraordinarily normal, it's a smart thought to power them up however much as could be expected to expand the Jump Power they give to your Magikarp. Indeed, even the Oran Berry can give more than a great many focuses each with adequate leveling! 

We prescribe leveling berries to products of level (25, 50, and so forth.) instead of one level at any given moment for every kind. Each time you do this you get a Support Candy, which can be encouraged to Support Pokémon. 

Tip: You can zoom out to show signs of improvement perspective of your lake! 


Preparing builds the JP of your Magikarp. They perform practices which fluctuate between jumping, handling (say a tree), and thrashing (to push substantial Pokémon away). Like Berries, you can buy and update more activities as your Trainer Level increments. 

Which occasion is picked is arbitrary, just like the measure of JP that you get. Your Magikarp may do "great", "incredible" or "astounding" at any occasion, which compares to the activity. For instance, in the Timber Training (where Magikarp Tackles a tree), a Good exertion demonstrates an unmarked tree, a Great exertion has the tree wounded, and an Amazing exertion thumps the tree over! 

There are breaking points to preparing. You can just do three courses in succession before expecting to sit tight for an energize, utilizing a Support Power (e.g. Piplup's Support), utilizing a Training Soda thing, or step up. It takes 30 minutes to revive one point. 


The principle segment of the amusement is the fights! There are as of now eight groups in the amusement, each comprised of different rounds of one-on-one fights. The fights are straightforward; you simply watch your Magikarp jump against the other. The Magikarp with the higher JP wins. Winning fights gifts Coins and EXP for your Trainer. Losing still gets you a couple coins. In the event that you lose a fight and your Magikarp is not completely prepared, you need to hold up a hour and a half to have the capacity to fight again or go through a League Spray thing. 

Your Support Pokémon (e.g. Pikachu) can here and there cheer and give your Magikarp a lift (5% or 25%). In case you're fortunate you could pull off a bombshell! This happens totally haphazardly, nonetheless. 


Occasions happen subsequent to Training or a League fight. These fluctuate uncontrollably and are totally irregular (in spite of the fact that the higher your level, the more occasions that can happen). Here and there your Magikarp will get a free back rub and from this pick up a reward Training Point. In some cases you will get free coins. Different circumstances, an occasion will make Magikarp get reward JP! The prizes additionally increment when you have a higher Trainer level. 

A few occasions exist that give you a decision; go for broke, or take no chances. Indeed, even the protected choices will concede your Magikarp JP, so on the off chance that you think about your Magikarp, don't surge in! This matters as a few occasions can make you lose your Magikarp. You do get an accomplishment and record for this occurrence, yet that is not really reasonable on the Magikarp itself. 

The Events with decisions are as per the following (with the more perilous ones at the base): 

Every one of That Glitters – You could discover Diamonds or broken glass that makes you lose JP. 

Jumping Lesson – You could pick up or lose JP. 

Magikarp Adrift – You could pick up or lose JP. 

Old Rod – You could pick up or lose JP. 

Bum Magikarp – You could pick up Training Points or lose JP. 

Puzzle Drink – You could pick up Training Points or lose JP. 

Macho Karp – You could pick up a reward level for the Magikarp being prepared, or have Magikarp turned into a Gyarados, and thus lose it. 

All of a sudden… – You could pick up JP, or experience a Pidgeotto who grabs Magikarp. 

Is It Treasure? – You could get Coins, or experience a Voltorb which makes you lose your Magikarp. 

Ultimately, you can experience exceptional occasions in the aquarium. Feebas and Manaphy can seem to concede you JP or free sustenance individually when tapped. Tap your level 20 Magikarp excessively and it might simply advance into a Gyarados next level up! Jump excessively and a Pidgeotto may guarantee a free lunch. 

Furthermore, for a spooky occasion, have a go at tapping and crossing out that TV different circumstances. 14 times to be correct. Whenever an occasion triggers your Magikarp will pick up a reward level! This must be done once, and applies just to the Magikarp right now being prepared. 

Tip: Forcing the application to close while getting your Magikarp's exertion visual signal (before the content prompt) can make it reset. Utilize this for ideal outcomes! 


This is the place you purchase new berries, new preparing schedules, fellowship things, improvements, and consumable things, for example, Training Soda. 

Berries and preparing schedules will oblige coins to purchase, and coins to update. Many must be bought once you get to a particular Trainer Rank. Each will have a gage that needs 25 moves up to fill, and it will allow a Support Candy each time it is filled. Fellowship things, beautifications, and consumables can be bought with Diamonds, an alternate and rarer money. 

Just some companionship things can be overhauled, and they require diverse measures of Support Candies. Once purchased, the bolster Pokémon will come to live in Magikarp's lake, offering exceptional capacities and they may even go to its fights to applaud it. Their bolster capacities have a cooldown, be that as it may, so utilize them shrewdly! 

Light Ball – Pikachu gives you a little JP. Free 

Spiritualist Water – Piplup reestablishes Training Points. Beat the Quick League 

Talisman Coin – Meowth give you coins. Beat the Fast League. 

Supernatural occurrence Seed – Bulbasaur reestablishes Magikarp's League Play. Beat the Luxury League 

Fire Plate – Litten gives JP. 250 Diamonds 

Soggy Rock – Slowpoke reestablishes the ability of 1 arbitrary bolster Pokémon. 350 Diamonds 

Knoll Plate – Rowlet gives you loads of coins. 450 Diamonds 

Sprinkle Plate – Popplio drops submerged fortune. 500 Diamonds 

Scraps – Snorlax gives sustenance. 500 Diamonds 

Charcoal – Charizard gives you an extraordinary thing. 600 Diamonds 

Each enhancement obtained will have its latent lift actuated at all circumstances, notwithstanding when not being used. 

Essential Sign – Raises the most extreme nourishment top by 1. Lose a Magikarp 

Octillery Pot – Gives 10% more JP from Berries. Beat the Heavy League 

Sudowoodo Bonsai – Gives 29% more coins from Events. Beat the Fast League 

Parasect Puffballs – Grants 16% more JP from Events. 100 Diamonds 

Exeggutor Palm – Grants 12% more Coins from League Battles. 150 Diamonds 

Sunflora Bunch – Grants 28% Coins from Events. 200 Diamonds 

Shaymin Planter – Gives 14% more JP from Berries. 250 Diamonds 

Lampent Lamp – Grants 29% more Coins when step up. 250 Diamonds 

Substitute Plush – Raises the most extreme nourishment top by 2. 300 Diamonds 

S.S. Anne Model – Get 68% more Coins from submerged fortune. 350 Diamonds 

Aegislash Statue – Get 16% more JP from Training. 350 Diamonds 

Whimsicott Cushion – Gives 9% more Trainer Exp. 450 Diamonds 

Bronze Eevee – 4% more

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